How to shop

  • Add the items you want to your shopping cart by clicking the "+Add to Cart" button.
  • Please note that you are advised to read the product information in order to make sure that you make the right order/purchase.

  • When you are done and wish to checkout or to place your order, click the "Go to Shopping Cart" link. If you are satisfied with what is on your shopping cart go ahead and click "Proceed to Checkout".
  • The next step checks if you are login or even registered for that matter. If you already have an account with all you need is to sign in. If you are not you need to sign up for to proceed beyond this point.
  • Once you are signed in you can then click the "Proceed" button to place your order.
  • You will receive a notification email from us with your order document attached.
  • After we receive your order, we will confirm the pricing and e-mail you a quotation with the latest price for the items you ordered. This is a go ahead for you to make payment.

How to make payment

  • We assume that at this point you have received a confirmation or go ahead e-mail from us to make payment.
  • Payment should be made immediately or on the same day upon receiving the confirmation email.
    Later than that please verify with us that the prices have not change before making payment.
  • You can make payment by EFT (Bank Transfer) into to our bank account..
  • Cash payments in our bank account. (N$ 50-00 for all cash payments additionally charged).
  • or you can make cash payments on our premises. see Contact Us for location.
  • Once payment is received we will email you an invoice.
  • Unfortunately no payment on delivery is allowed.

When can I collect or have delivered my purchased items?

You can collect your items once they are ready. Waiting time depends on item availability locally.

If you paid for an item that is not in stock we will refund you.

You can collect on our premises after you received confirmation from us.

We do not keep stock on our premises it is usually send from our suppliers